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Partners in packaging solutions

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SR2C Industrie S.R.L.

Society Where There is

SR2C designs, develops, produces and delivers a wide range of steel containers and packaging solutions for transportation and storage, for all kind of industries: automotive, railway, food, aeronautical.

01. Know How

Mechanical welders since 3rd generation of the family business based in France.

02. Strategy

Respect the integrity of the parts transported and the optimisation of the filling rate

03. Planning

Project management and planning control in manufacturing the prototype

04. Industrialization

Respect for all new technical procedures and taking into account all our clients demands.

Your partner in custom made reusable packaging solutions for over 40 years.

We represent the 3rd generation of a family business based in France.
Our expertise in welding is decisive for the design of industrial packaging. It allows us to create structures that are accomplished and easy to manufacture in a precise manner and optimal in terms of price.

We Help Our Clients to Pack the parts safely

Simulate manipulation conditions

Using BENCH TESTS for our prototypes, which allows us to simulate the conditions of transporting the packaging and so ensuring the quality of the transported piece and the whole batch.

Checking all the materials

Testing to check all materials in our laboratory: textiles, PPEA, Eta-foam and every type of rigging. This guarantees the quality of the stored piece according to our concepts and the needs expressed in the Specs.

As close as possible

With a network of suppliers and excellent partners in their domain, using the latest CAD software (SolidWorks) and the modern means of communication allow us to be as close as possible to our Customers.

Innovation is our DNA, we take projects from a blank sheet of paper but it is not only about the product but also about the collaboration with our customer that we always want to be more transparent and beneficial for both parties

Centre technique: 40 projets / an

Office Design: 6 Solidworks stations

Prototype workshop:

  • we have 6 workstations for mechanical welding and fitting;
  • 3D printer;
  • shock and vibration test bench;
  • 3D control scanner to check the scanner to check a 13 m³ volume

Assembly workshop: 7 workstations

Textile Workshop with a huge capacity

Cutting: CNC 4000*2000

Sewing: 12 workstations

Others: 8

Metal workshop: capacity : 6 to 10.000 containers / year according on sizes

CN machines: sawing, machining, laser cutting, bending ; conventional machines

Welding: 15 MIG welding stations

Painting: motorised conveyor 100 ml, force 450 kg ; 1 cleaning station with waste water recycling ; 3 drying tunnels and 2 painting booths

Plasticising: 1 island with dipping device and 1 polymerisation oven

Assembly workshop: 7 workstations

We Provide Solution on Your

The value for an industrial packaging is of 2 steps:

  • the respect of the integrity of the transported parts;
  • the respect of the filling rate, even its optimization and by that the cost of transport.

It is our responsibility to satisfy these 2 requirements. This is made possible by our experience, which guides us during the study, our means of testing and control.

Project management and planning control

We operate in project mode: the Project Manager is the leader of the project and all decisions are made by him. He manages the engineer (SP product specialist) who manages the prototypist (PP product pilot) in charge of the prototype and tooling manufacturing. The schedule is generated by entering the data of the project in the ERP. It is updated every week.